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Practice areas

str Agro Business and Agriculture
str Antitrust and Competition
str Banking and Finance
str Bankruptcy
str Construction and Reconstruction
str Contracts
str Copyright and Intellectual Property
str Corporate Law and Corporate Finance
str Corporate Reorganizations
str Currency and Monetary Regulation
str Debt Collection
str Family Law and Inheritance
str Foreign Investments
str Foreign Trade and Customs Regulation
str Insurance
str International Commercial Law
str Labour & Employment
str Land Tenure
str Merges and Acquisitions
str Property and Real Estate
str Taxation
str Trade and Distribution

Our clients


 Among clients of „Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" are Ukrainian and international companies, joint ventures, representations and offices of the foreign companies which do business and carry out representation functions.

 As a rule, it is the trading, investment, building, industrial, transport and engineering companies and firms.

 Clients of „Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" traditionally receive a complex of legal and consulting services which is necessary for their high-grade functioning and development, and also in protection of business and property.

 With a view of preservation of confidentiality as one of key principles of our activities, and relations with our clients, „Alliance Ratushnyak and partners", does not publish and does not distribute the list of the clients.

 If necessary, we can give the additional information, and also recommendations from our clients.

  • The Ukrainian clients;
  • Foreign clients;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Representations;
  • Corporate clients;
  • Physical persons

str Claims drafting and judicial remedy
str Construction & development contracts
str Contracts development & legal expertise
str Courts representation &judicial remedy
str Employment contracts drafting
str Employment permits for foreigners
str Establishment of companies and enterprises
str Joint ventures and companies registration (set up)
str Legal outsourcing and outstaffing
str Licenses and permits obtaining
str Real estate and land transactions
str Registration of trademarks
str Reorganization and liquidation
str Representative offices of nonresident registration
str Tax consulting & tax planning
Main | About us | Our clients | News & Events | Publications | Our practice | Projects | Careers | Site map | Contact us

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